Boy Scout Troop 61

Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale
Brandon, FL

Meeting Time: Monday Nights 7:30 - 9:00
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Merit Badge Counselors
Contact the Advancement Chair or go to the Timucua website if you would like additional names of Counselors outside of the Troop.
Please feel free to contact any Merit Badge Counselor you would like to work with.

Click here for the requirements/workbooks for all merit badges.




Merit Badge Workbooks
Bolded items are Eagle Required
American Business  2002 Doug Wilkinson
American Cultures  2005  
American Heritage  2005 Christine Milius, Billy WahleLarry Dodson
American Labor  2006  
Animal Science  2006 Denise McElroy
Archaeology  2006 Shane McElroy
Archery  2004 - Revised 2009 Dave Fuson, Doug Wilkinson, James YoungEd Milius
Architecture  2008  
Art  2006 Denise McElroy, Shane McElroy, Billy WahleKris Bland
Astronomy  2004 Shane McElroy, Billy Wahle
Athletics  2006 Donnie CagninaBilly Wahle
Automotive Maintenance  2008 Dave Fuson, Doug WilkinsonBilly WahleLarry Dodson
Aviation  2006 Mike Beck, Larry Dodson, Shane McElroy, David Beck
Backpacking  2007 David BeckMike BeckDavid Bombaugh, Donnie Cagnina, Larry DodsonBilly WahleDave Fuson, James YoungEd Milius
Basketry  2003 Guin Wahle
Bird Study  2005 Denise McElroy,
Bugling  2003 David Bombaugh
Camping  2005 David BeckMike Beck, David Bombaugh, Larry Dodson, Shane McElroyBilly WahleKurt BoehmDonnie CagninaDerek HackbardtEd Milius
Canoeing  2004 Mike BeckDavid Bombaugh, Larry DodsonDerek Hackbardt, Shane McElroy, Ed MiliusBilly Wahle
Carpentry  2003  
Chemistry  2004 Larry Dodson, Denise McElroy
Chess  2011 Shane McElroy, James Young
Cinematography  2008  
Citizenship in the Community  2005 Mike Beck, Donnie Cagnina, Derek Hackbardt, Larry Dodson, Christine Milius, Kris BlandSteven Moore
Citizenship in the Nation  2005 Mike Beck, Donnie Cagnina, Larry Dodson, Christine Milius, Kris BlandDonna WilliamsDerek HackbardtSteven Moore
Citizenship in the World  2005 Mike Beck, Donnie Cagnina, Larry Dodson, Derek Hackbardt, Kris BlandSteven MooreEd Milius
Climbing  2006 Billy WahleJames Young
Coin Collecting  2008  
Collections  2008 Denise McElroy
Communications  2003 Mike Beck, Larry DodsonKris BlandDerek HackbardtEd MiliusSteven Moore, David Beck, 
Composite Materials  2006  
Computers  2005  
Cooking  2007 David Beck, Mike Beck, David Bombaugh, Larry Dodson, Kurt BoehmDerek HackbardtChristine MiliusEd Milius
Crime Prevention  2005  
Cycling  2003 - revised 2013 Derek Hackbardt, Billy WahleDave FusonEd Milius
Dentistry  2006 Guin Wahle
Digital Technology Derek Hackbardt
Disabilities Awareness  2005 Denise McElroy, Donna WilliamsKris Bland
Dog Care  2003 Denise McElroy
Drafting  2008  
Electricity  2004 Larry Dodson, Derek Hackbardt
Electronics  2004 Larry Dodson, Shane McElroy
Emergency Preparedness  2008 Mike Beck, Larry DodsonBilly Wahle, Donna Williams, Steven MooreEd Milius
Energy  2005 Larry Dodson
Engineering  2008 Larry Dodson
Entrepreneurship  2006 Shane McElroyGuin Wahle
Environmental Science  2006 Larry Dodson, Denise McElroyEd Milius
Family Life  2005 Mike Beck, Denise McElroyDave Fuson, Derek Hackbardt, Christine MiliusSteven Moore
Farm Mechanics  2008  
Fingerprinting  2003 Donnie Cagnina, Denise McElroy
Fire Safety  2004  
First Aid  2007 Mike BeckDenise McElroy, Billy Wahle, Doug Wilkinson, Donna WilliamsSteven MooreEd Milius
Fish & Wildlife Management  2004  
Fishing  2002 Doug WilkinsonLarry Dodson, James YoungSteven Moore
Fly Fishing  2002 Steven Moore
Forestry  2005 Kurt Boehm
Game Design  2013 Shane McElroy
Gardening  2002  
Genealogy  2005 Derek HackbardtGuin WahleSteven Moore
Geocaching  2010 Derek Hackbardt
Geology  2005  
Golf  2002 Donnie Cagnina
Graphic Arts  2006 Shane McElroyBilly Wahle
Hiking  2007 David Beck, Mike Beck, David BombaughBilly WahleKurt BoehmDonnie CagninaDave FusonLarry DodsonEd Milius
Home Repairs  2002 Kevin Bland, Derek HackbardtKurt Boehm
Horsemanship  2003 Donnie Cagnina, Denise McElroy
Indian Lore  2008 Billy Wahle
Insect Study  2008  
Inventing 2016  
Journalism  2006 Christine Milius
Kayaking  2012 Derek Hackbardt, Shane McElroyEd Milius
Landscape Architecture  2008  
Law  2003  
Leatherwork  2002  
Lifesaving  2008 Mike Beck, Billy WahleDave FusonEd Milius
Mammal Study  2003 Denise McElroy, Jennifer Young
Medicine  2002 Denise McElroy
Metalwork  2007 Dave Fuson
Mining in Society  2014  
Model Design and Building  2003  
Motorboating  2008 Larry DodsonDave Fuson
Moviemaking  2013  
Music  2011 David Bombaugh, Derek Hackbardt, Shane McElroy
Nature  2003 Kurt BoehmJennifer Young
Nuclear Science  2004 Mike Beck
Oceanography  2003  
Orienteering  2003 Dave Fuson, Billy Wahle, Kurt BoehmEd Milius
Painting  2008 Kevin Bland
Personal Fitness  2006 Mike Beck, Billy Wahle, Kurt BoehmDave FusonSteven MooreEd Milius
Personal Management  2003 Mike Beck, Doug Wilkinson, Dave FusonSteven Moore
Pets  2003 Denise McElroy,
Photography  2005 Billy WahleDerek Hackbardt
Pioneering  2006 David Bombaugh, Billy WahleKurt Boehm
Plant Science  2005 Denise McElroy
Plumbing  2004  
Pottery  2008 Jennifer Young
Programming  2013  
Public Health  2005  
Public Speaking  2002 Mike Beck, Donnie CagninaSteven Moore, David Beck
Pulp and Paper  2006  
Radio  2008  
Railroading  2003  
Reading  2003 Derek Hackbardt, Denise McElroy, Christine Milius
Reptile & Amphibian Study  2005  
Rifle Shooting  2001 Billy WahleJames Young
Robotics  2011  
Rowing  2006  
Safety  2006 Donnie CagninaLarry DodsonEd Milius
Salesmanship  2003 Shane McElroy
Scholarship  2004 Denise McElroy
Scouting Heritage  2012 Steven Moore
Scuba Diving  2009 Donnie Cagnina, James YoungJennifer Young
Sculpture  2007 Billy WahleKris BlandJennifer Young
Search and Rescue  2012 Mike Beck
Shotgun Shooting  2005 Doug WilkinsonEd Milius
Skating  2005  
Small-Boat Sailing  2004 Larry Dodson, Dave Fuson
Snow Sports  2007  
Soil & Water Conservation  2004  
Space Exploration  2004 Shane McElroy, Doug WilkinsonKris Bland
Sports  2006  
Stamp Collecting  2007 David Bombaugh
Surveying  2004  
Sustainability  2013  
Swimming  2008 Donnie Cagnina, Dave FusonBilly WahleEd Milius
Textile  2003  
Theater  2005  
Traffic Safety  2006  
Truck Transportation  2005  
Veterinary Medicine  2005  
Water Sports  2007 Larry Dodson
Weather  2006 Shane McElroy
Welding  2012
Whitewater  2005 David BombaughEd Milius
Wilderness Survival  2007
Mike Beck, Kurt Boehm, Dave Fuson, Larry Dodson, Shane McElroy, Ed Milius, Billy Wahle, James Young, Steven Moore
Wood Carving  2006 Shane McElroy
Woodwork  2003 Shane McElroy





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