Boy Scout Troop 61

Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale
Brandon, FL

Meeting Time: Monday Nights 7:30 9:00
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Sample Questions for Star Board of Review
  1. How many Troop outings have you attended in the last three months?
  2. Tell us about the last service project in which you participated.
  3. What does it mean for a Star Scout to "Be Prepared" on a daily basis?
  4. How have the Scout skills that you have learned helped you in a non-Scouting activity?
  5. How many merit badges have you earned? What was the most difficult (fun, challenging, expensive, etc.)?
  6. Which is more important: Becoming a Star Scout, or learning the skills prescribed for a Star Scout?
  7. Why do you think a Scoutmaster's Conference is required for advancement in rank?
  8. What is the most important part of a Troop Court of Honor? Why?
  9. What leadership positions have you held outside of your patrol? What challenges did they present? What are your personal leadership goals and objectives?
  10. How would you get a Scout to do an unpleasant task?
  11. What extracurricular activities do you participate in at school?
  12. What responsibilities do you have at home?
  13. What is our "Duty to God"?
  14. What does it mean to say "A Scout is Loyal"?
  15. How are the Scout Oath and Law part of your daily life?
  16. What is the Outdoor Code? Why is it important?
  17. If the Scout is a member of the Order of the Arrow:

    When did you complete your "Ordeal", "Brotherhood"?
    What does membership in the OA signify?

  18. Have you received any special awards or accomplishments in school, athletics, or church?
  19. Baden-Powell's first Scout outing was located on an island off the coast of Great Britain; what was the name of that island? [Answer: Brownsea Island]
  20. When do you plan on achieving the Life rank?

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